Revolutionising the Removals Industry.

The removals industry is changing. has redesigned the way we find and hire removals companies and the way that removals companies are matched with new customers.  Our new system is the best way to find a removal company online. It is a completely bespoke design built around our knowledge and experience in this market, and created to simplify a process that can be both complicated and expensive.

We will outline a few features which we think you will love.

No Instructions Needed – Intuitive System.

Our system is bespoke and designed for ease of use, so obtaining a removal quote is only a few clicks away.

We Match You To The Perfect Company.

Our system is design to match you to the best removal companies based on the specifics of your quote request. We use a number of clever features that will ensure you find the perfect removal company to work with on your house move. Our removals partners can select the location and range they work, so if a customer posts a job they are matched only to specific removals companies who fit their requirements. We match your budget to removal company rates so that you are matched based on what you can afford to pay rather than receiving quotes that are out of your price range.

We also carry out a number of verification checks on each removal partner so you can be sure that any removal partner on is a trusted and reliable company. We operate a strict feedback system which customers can use when looking to make a decision on which company to hire and we monitor this internally to make sure all removal partners are meeting our standards. Our aim is to be the safest way to hire a removal company online and to us, customer safety and confidence is the most important thing to us.

Less Clicks to Hire a Company

We think that you should be able to request a quote and hire a company in a few clicks. We don’t think that you should have to sit and negotiate with companies to get an offer, so our system is based around providing all the information that is needed for you to get a fast quote. We have designed our system to make finding and hiring a company so easy that you can literally post a job get quotes back and accept an offer in minutes.

Home Surveys are now E-Surveys

So you have tried to hire a removal company online, but have now been told that the company want to come round and carry out a survey to confirm what needs moving. We think that completely defeats the object of hiring a removal company online, so we have developed e-surveys. When you request a quote, we ask for a full breakdown of your move and what you are moving including images and videos so that our partners can carry out a full e-survey to give you an accurate price. The reason for this is we believe that our removals partners should be able to carry out an e-survey of your move and from that provide an accurate price. Now hiring a removal company online really does mean you are hiring a removal company online.

We understand that some of our customers prefer to deal direct with removals companies, so as an alternative to recieving quotes via our platform, you can provide all the details about your move via our inventory tool, and you can also recieve quotes directly by phone from our removals partners. You choose how you want to recieve quotes and interact with our moving partners.

Quotes from Real People Matched Specifically To You

As great as technology may be, we believe in providing quotes from real people. So at we have tried to marry both technology and real human intervention, so that  we can simplify the way you find a removal company. At our aim is to create ideal matches between the customer and the removal company, and by providing the tools to make it faster and easier to move house. 

We have created a system which allows our customers to provide all the information that a removal company needs to provide an exact quote. This means the price you get is the price you pay, with no nasty surprises. In our opinion, is the perfect way to find a removal company using the perfect blend of technology and human skills.

Give Us A Try.....

So that enough of us telling you about what we can do........Why not try it out for yourself and see what you can save on your moving costs. Get started by telling us about your move and we will match you to some of our trusted partners today.