Moving House Guide

Save A Deposit Learn about the best way to start saving a deposit to buy your new home.

Find Your New House have you found your dream property? Lets get the ball rolling!

Get A Mortgage Offer In Principle How much can you afford?. Get a mortgage offer in principle.

Make An Offer How to make an offer on a house you want to buy.

Hire A Conveyancing Solicitor What is conveyancing and what do I need a solicitor for?

Hire An Estate Agent To Sell Your Old House Learn the best ways to sell your property.

Moving Date? Not sure when to set your moving date for. Find out how to plan the date of your move.

Hire A Removal Company Find a trusted and reliable removals company to manage your move.

Packing Boxes Get boxes so that you can pack your belongings to move to your new home.

Change Of Addresses What services do I need to change address for. Read our list?

Arrange Connection Date Of New Services What services do I need to connect in my new house?

Think About Furniture?  A few tips and tricks to help you when furnishing your new house.

Moving Day Is Here A plan for your moving day. Step by step checklist to help with your move.

Pets & Kids Help moving day run smooth by arranging for kids & pets to be looked after.

Call In The Friends & Family Get help on moving day from friends & family.

Make Your Home Your Own The hard work is done, now you can start enjoying your new home.

Moving House Checklist Print our moving house checklist to help you organise and plan your move